the invisible things
welcome to my lost soul...
awwww… ha ha
notedyounghistorian desbleusaucoeur
oh my god this is adorbs
creatures-alive inner-realms

There’s an east wind coming.

not gonna lie… this is pretty cool…
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at some point i think it’d be very rewarding to go traveling around the world with friends, experiencing different cultures & ways of life KushandWizdom (via kushandwizdom)

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glamour girls.
couture-dolls voguelence
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Vintage Christian Dior, 1952

thegeniusoffashion notordinaryfashion
is this heaven?
barcarole foremsic

Sundown | by James Austrums.

back to the sea. r2--d2
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silent girl. mychaa
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Ph: Alejandra Kalnisky FotografiaModelo: Catalina WybertMakeup & Hair: Carla Alzarise Make UpStyling: Florencia Cordara - The Good Old Days 

unique style.
I’d be his, if he asked. Six Word Story (via allineedissix)
allineedissix radcatnumerouno

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The bridge of sighs by (Zú Sánchez) | Website

italy dreaming.
R2--D2 insight-jd
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robin williams :(
giveme-yourattention just-another-disney-dreamer